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"You are a very special agent for many reasons. Your tenacity and attention to detail matches exactly what Jeff and I needed from our real estate professional. Working with you was a pleasure and fun! We love our condo! Thank you." - Ellyn and Jeff, Buyers, Lake Shore Drive

"I was relocating to another state, had already purchased a home, and now needed to sell my home in Chicago in a relatively short time period. As one can imagine this was an incredibly stressful set of circumstances. Ro came in, performed a market analysis and set the price perfectly. The house was listed on a Friday. Saturday I had 13 showings and five offers, four above asking. Her knowledge, insight, attention to my needs is priceless! Ro is the best of the best!" - Susan Hong, Buyer, Bridgeport

"Words cannot describe how thankful we are for your tireless work, countless showings, phone calls, messages, and endless advice. We could not have done it without you. We will stay in touch and remember you always." - Michelle and Bernardo, Bucktown

"We were going to sell our place and had a price in mind. I spoke to Ro and she did some comps and convinced me to list it for a significantly higher price. Our place sold in 5 days for full price. Not only did Ro help us sell our place, but she found our dream home in Logan Square. She guided us through the process, including referring us to a great lawyer who was efficient and practical. Ro helped negotiate for things I wouldn’t have asked for (washer/dryer) and we got them both. She is amazing!" - Paul and James, Bucktown

"In the summer of 2018 our landlords decided to sell their place to us as their renters. As soon as Ro got word about this, she was on top of everything. Aren’t we overpaying in this odd situation? Aren’t there any issues that we as residents of this beautiful apartment know about? How to negotiate in this particular situation? Ro is very smart and guided us through the whole process. This was our first home purchase in the US but Ro knows all the right people who helped us with a mortgage, with the inspection and with the legal work. We couldn’t have wished for a better agent than Ro. Buying a place is very nerve-racking but Ro kept calm and made sure that all the wrinkles were smoothed out at the end. Five stars!" - Sander and Wouter

"Ro is simply the best. She is kind, knowledgeable and relentless in finding you the best place. If you want someone that becomes part of your family while finding the right place in Chicago to call home, Ro is that person. " - Tracey and Gordon C

"Last year my wife and I decided to sell our apartment in Chicago and move out west. A little daunted by the prospect of such a massive upheaval, the first thing we did was to call Ro. She visited us the next morning and quickly came up with a detailed plan based on hard data allied with years of experience. Her advice made sense, so we asked Ro to put her plan into action. She produced very high quality sales collateral—both physical and online—and almost immediately we had prospective buyers wishing to view our home. Ro also arranged a series of well-organized Open Houses to ensure our property received the widest possible exposure. The strategy worked, and very soon we found a qualified buyer. Ro advised us with the ensuing negotiation and guided us through a couple of issues that arose from the inspection, making herself available whenever we needed her help. She kept us informed at all stages, and we never doubted that we were in safe hands. Ro made a potentially stressful process calm and worry-free. We could not have been more impressed and if we ever move back to Chicago, Ro will be the first – and the only – agent we contact ".- Tasha and Andrew

"Ro Lebedow is the consummate professional. She knows what she is doing and it shows in her work. When we decided to sell our house, we wanted a realtor that we knew would make the entire process run smoothly. That's why we selected Ro and she proved us right. We recommend her highly and would use her again."- Tom and David, Lakeview

"To say Ro went above and beyond the call of duty to find me the perfect home would not do her justice. When I decided it was time to move into a larger house - I approached the process as I do with every other aspect of my life - logically and methodically. "A house is an investment. I would purchase the house that made the most sense". Ro, on the other hand, believes a house is so much more. She believes her job as your agent is to find you that perfect home, the one you know you are destined to live in the moment you walk in the front door. Great philosophy, the only trouble she was going to have was working with someone who does not believe in fairy tales. So what can I say, in less than a week she managed to find me that fairy tale house. And if that wasn't enough, she listed and sold my current house in less than one week."- Dr. SH

"I have known Ro Lebedow for 20 years and have recommended her to many other people. Ro is the most professional, dedicated, and follow through real estate broker I have ever met. And, this recommendation comes from a person who has bought and sold five houses and three condos in the past 50 years. Additionally, I am a retired public relations professional who, during my career, handled a number of real estate clients. When Ro works with a client there is no detail that is not covered." - Eileen and Philip H

"I thank you for your professionalism and relentlessness. It's easy to see how quickly deals can go amuck in this market, and I was lucky to have you at my side with your constant guidance. I am officially in my place, and it is slowly but surely coming along. I'm still awaiting a couch and a chair, but not complaining. I just love the building and as I continue to look as new listings come up, I am assured I'm in the right place!" - Kim H., Streeterville

"When I think about why working with Ro was so great, it was because I found her approach to be so well balanced.  She showed the perfect balance between enthusiasm and realism.  She consistently preplanned to show me interesting and attractive homes, but always in the context of my requirements and budget.  She loves and knows the city better than most, and it shows.  But she limited my search to the areas I really wanted to be in.  She didn't try to sell me a great home in a not-so-great neighborhood.  She provided great insight, but she also took the time to listen. She appreciated great properties, but she never tried to "sell" a property to me. I had worked with previous realtors who were too anxious to close a deal (any deal) rather than work in my long-term best interests as a purchaser.  She kept me from getting overly excited about properties and she pointed out potential shortcomings to properties under consideration, even when I hadn't noticed them.  As a result of all this, plus her patience, I wound up in the right home in the end." - Alan B.

"We couldn't have had a more positive experience than working with Ro and feel so lucky to have found her.  Her timely, well-reasoned advice and her devoted advocacy on our behalf led to great results.  Our condo sold at 98% of asking price within 21 days.  Moreover, she is honest, hard-working, and very pleasant to work with.  We highly recommend Ro to any buyer or seller." - Corie and Eric W.

“Lucy and I priced our apartment above your recommendation because we weren't anxious to sell quickly, and we felt that time was on our side. Once it became clear the economy was in for a long, long recession, we asked you what we needed to do to sell. You told us. We listened. The condo sold in a few weeks. Moral of the story: We couldn't just engage an excellent realtor. We also had to take your advice. Thanks. “ - Lucy and Tony P., Streeterville

“I just wanted to thank you for all your help and patience with us the past few months as you helped us sell our condo. You made the whole process surprisingly easy. People who I have talked to are impressed that we were able to sell our condo in relatively short period of time (especially in this economy!) Thank you for giving us good feedback after each showing. Thanks for staying positive and optimistic throughout the whole time we worked with you. Also, thanks for putting up with our little dog, Addison! :) “ - Kristi and John G., Bucktown

“We knew we wanted Ro to list our townhome after watching her tirelessly market and sell our neighbor’s house. Because of the down market, we were skeptical about how long this process could take. Ro’s attitude, however, was optimistic, positive and motivating! She gave us excellent recommendations regarding what to fix, paint, re-finish and organize. She helped us come up with a timetable to complete our preparations and stage the house. She supervised the photo shoot for the MLS. Despite the slow housing market, Ro's marketing attracted a large number of potential buyers into our home each week. She conducted showings completely prepared and attentive to details with important information (ie., neighborhood data, unique features of the home, etc) for each potential buyer. Indeed, she brought our house under contract in just 26 days with multiple offers and sold it for 99% of the list price. We were thrilled! After that, Ro helped us find a new home to buy and was our true advocate during contract negotiations. She also found us an apartment to rent while our new home was being completed. Her energy and positive attitude are truly impressive. She was so giving of her time during our hectic and stressful move, and our children always awaited the yummy treats she brought over. Ro remains a great resource. She always has relevant information and knowledge to share. But more importantly, Ro remains a true friend and advocate. We feel truly lucky and thankful that we crossed paths with Ro Lebedow!“ - Sheeba and Steve C., Lincoln Square

“It was a random Sunday last winter when my wife and I decided to swing by an Open House in Bucktown to kill some time. Little did we know that our decision to walk through those doors would introduce us to the most friendly, energetic, persistent and knowledgeable realtor in Chicago. When we met Ro, there was an immediate connection. Unlike most realtors, we didn't feel pressured by Ro, rather, she was focused on what we were really looking for. When we left the Open House, I turned to my wife and told her that when we were ready to sell our house, that Ro was our #1 pick. That evening, un-provoked, we received an e-mail from Ro, telling us how much she enjoyed meeting us and that she would love to help us when the time was right. A simple gesture like following up sealed the deal for us. Sure enough within months, she helped us to find the house of our dreams. When we found our new house, we hadn't yet put our condo on the market. Ro was the voice of reason, despite her opportunity for a commission, reminding us that it was a tough market and that it may be wiser to sell our condo first. That type of an attitude and professionalism defines the type of person Ro is. We did end up buying the house, but we had no worries, because we knew that Ro would be able to sell our condo at a great price. And that is exactly what she did using all means necessary. She arranged for showings, follow-up showings and was our absolute biggest advocate. When the offer came in, she was instrumental in the price negotiation and never stopped fighting for us. There is no question in my mind that Ro is the best realtor in Chicago and I look forward to referring her to anyone I know looking to buy or sell a house in Chicago! “ - Kodi and Tyson, Bucktown

“Ro was the perfect real estate agent during our recent purchase of a Lincoln ark apartment. She was always on top of everything, returned calls immediately. and always had accurate information. She made every part of the buying process work ar better than we could have hoped. The icing on the cake is that she's a delightful human being, a pleasure to be with. We couldn't recommend anyone more highly.“ - Stacie and Gary G., Lincoln Park

“ We decided to move out of state from Bucktown in one of the worst housing markets in recent memory. We were faced with paying two mortgages, no longer even living in Chicago to monitor the progress of our listing, and dealing with declining home prices. Thankfully, we had Ro as our agent. Some of the items that were important to us in finding an agent were: would they have our best interest at heart, would they understand the changing dynamics in the housing sector, could we trust them completely, how hard would they work, were they knowledgeable about our neighborhood, would we enjoy working with them and did they have a proven track record. Ro met and even exceeded these criteria. She kept us constantly appraised of the number of showings, key follow-up items, changing market conditions, and what her strategy was to sell. We think it says a lot about how we value Ro and the trust we have in her in that she handled the biggest investment we have (our home) all while we were living several hundred miles away. She made the entire process less stressful and allowed us to focus on business and family. We can never thank her enough for all her help and hard work, and would give Ro our highest recommendation to anyone thinking of selling their house. “ - Maggie and Jeff, Bucktown

“ We have had the pleasure to work with Ro in the past. She has many outstanding qualities and is the consummate professional. She is energetic, extremely knowledgeable and is passionate about finding her client the perfect fit. We highly recommend her and we will use her whenever we need a topnotch realtor. “ - Lynn and Mark T., Lincoln Park

chicago condo "Being busy scientists with a young family, and moving from Boston, we needed a sympathetic Realtor® with a genuine understanding of our needs. Thankfully, we discovered Ro! Not only did she possess the sensitivity we were looking for, but through her contacts and knowledge of the marketplace, she unearthed this fabulous property, which wasn't even on the market at the time. Then-- often by long distance-- she led us meticulously through the entire purchasing process-- from negotiations with the seller to securing a mortgage. She is truly a genius in every sense of the word.“ - Fotini and Khash K., Hyde Park

We decided move from the suburbs to the city and were looking on our own for six months. Then, one frigid November Saturday, we met Ro. We were attracted at once to her vivacious voice and never-ending smile. And we discovered that her commitment to who she is as a person just flows over to her professionalism in taking care of people. She really heard our wants and needs, remained open-minded and drew from all sources, including her network of contacts throughout Chicago, to help us in our search. The result: a financially wise purchase for us that has brought us much personal joy, and promises more of the same as the years go by. Thank you, Ro! - Bev & Steve, Lincoln Park.

“Ten years ago, my brother-in-law referred me to Ro Lebedow. She's amazing!” he said. “Since then, Ro has represented me in three transactions: a sale, a purchase and another sale. And I agree: She is amazing . Her energy, positive attitude, experience, knowledge of Chicago, skills as a negotiator and appetite for hard work added value to each transaction. Most recently, she sold my Gold Coast condo in less than half the time it took for others in my building to sell, and she did this during a notorious down market. “ - Robert K., Gold Coast.

“When I moved to Chicago from New York City, Chicago was an absolute mystery to me. But, thanks to Ro, not for long. Not only did she find, negotiate for and secure for me a terrific home, she introduced me to the real Chicago – its neighborhoods, its music, its theater, its restaurants, its culture -- the whole scene!“ - Charles D., Bucktown

“I'd moved to North Carolina, and a friend was staying in my condo when I decided to sell it. I contacted Ro, who'd already put together almost 50 transactions in my building, and she took it from there. It was a very tough market, but somehow she attracted potential buyers literally by the dozens, and showed the condo to each of them, in all kinds of weather, coordinating with my friend every time. And she sold it! Importantly for me, being out of town, she kept me updated almost daily. Her optimism and professionalism never lagged, and as a result, neither did my spirit.“ - Tim J., Bucktown

chicago condo “Ro Lebedow's distinctive marketing, marketplace savvy, attention to detail and personal involvement yielded the right buyer for my lovely Kenwood District home in less than three weeks with multiple offers in what many had called a down market.“- Leslie W., Hyde Park

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